You are awesome. You're powerful and wonderfully made.

P2Dr. Karmen Smith has over twenty years experience working with adults and children that gone through trauma and suffering. Trauma is insidious because it can change our emotions, thoughts, and behavior in ways that can be self destructive. Not only does it affect our moods but it can also change our identity. When we are exposed to trauma we can lose sight of who we really are. We begin to define ourselves according to our circumstances, which is not who we are.

  • We are awesome and wonderfully made. We are creative, powerful and loving beings made in the image and likeness of the divine.
  • We are made of star dust but we forget when we are exposed to events that are traumatic. When our identity is changed by these events we can begin to see ourselves as victims which perpetuate the cycle of suffering.
  •  Forgiveness is the most important but misunderstood practices of The I AM Solution. Forgiveness is not for the other person, per say. Forgiveness is a release of the resentment and anger we hold that restricts us from reaching our full potential.
  • Nelson Mandela said, “Resentment is a poison we drink expecting our enemy to die.”

Access a free download of the WAVES OF FORGIVENESS MEDITATION, combines the relaxing waves of the ocean, vocal tone and the beat of the drum to send you on a releasing journey. Let it all go because the anger and resentment no longer serve you.

Let go of all the things that tied you to a false identity. BE THE ONE.

Dr. Karmen Smith LCSW DD